How to Delete FCPX Preferences

Delete Final Cut Pro X Preferences

Tutorial Details

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum Requirements: Final Cut Pro 10.0.0

Does Final Cut Pro X keep crashing or are you getting weird bugs you haven’t run into before? Deleting the preferences may help fix it.

Using Finder

To delete the FCPX preferences using Finder, go to User > Library > Preferences > and delete that file. Also go to User > Library > Preferences > and delete that too.

Using Preference Manager

If you aren’t in the mood to fish through Finder, you can also use a free program called Preference Manager by Digital Rebellion.

Preference Manager allows you to manage preference files for Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony and Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac.

Delete FCPX preferences by selecting Final Cut Pro X and pressing Trash.

Open Preference Manager and select Final Cut Pro X. Now press the “Trash” button. This will delete those files above for you. Preference Manager also enables you to back up your preferences in case you ever need to delete them.

Using either Finder or Preference Manager will hopefully take care of the issue and you can get back to editing.

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  1. Don

    Having several issues with FCPX preferences. Tried your suggestion. The two files you list that should be deleted are no where on my computer????

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